Privacy Policy

This policy applies to Programming Problems web application, iOS and Android mobile applications (the "application") and applies to people installing and using the application (the "user").

User Accounts

Application does not require users to create login credentials nor to provide any personal information about the themselves. All application data is stored on device for current user, and once app is deleted, all application data will be deleted from device also.


Using the application does not require any special permissions.

3rd Party Services

This application uses Google analytics, which may collect information about users. Google analytics is used to better understand user behavior and to provide better experiences for users in the future. End user should review Google Analytics' privacy policy for details of data collected by this 3rd party. You may opt-out of Google Analytics following these instructions:

This application interacts with a third party service Gumroad when offering content for download and/or purchase. User is encouraged to read Gumroad privacy policy and terms of service prior to using services provided by Gumroad.


By using the application the user consents to policies and terms set forth by the owner of this application and owners of the 3rd party libraries used by this application.

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